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Alhamdulillah! It is finally here...


Sunnahfollowers Magazine - For many Muslims living in today’s modern society, we find that learning Islam in its truthfulness is a task that involves great hardships and tribulations . We find many Islamic institutes which claim to be teaching Islam according to the Quran and Sunnah, far from that, rather for many it is a means of making a living. Not only have those students of such institutes invested large amounts of money, sadly they also lack the understanding of this religion, making the knowl-edge they have gained of no benefit.


On the other hand we see those who believe that their Islam is in their hearts and therefore do not re-quire searching and learning the essence of this religion. Thus as an Ummah we range from the two far extremes. However here at Sunnahfollowers we as students can truly attest to the beneficial knowledge taught by renowned, dedicated daiyee such as our beautiful Sister Laila Nasheeba. Indeed few are the true scholars in today’s corrupt society; however we at SunnahFollowers are truly blessed to be taught by such great teachers. Read More


Issue #01 - Revival of the Sunnah - Click Here


Issue #02 - The Concept of Taqwa - Click Here


Issue #03 - Ramadan a Month of Contemplation - Click Here


Issue #04 - Change the Condition of Yourself! - Click Here


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